Keynote Presentation

Jean Mercier-Ythier

University of Paris-Panthéon-Assas, France

Title: Gentle reminder confirm your participation@ Hematology conference 2022

Oral Presentation

Natarajan Muthusamy

The Ohio State University, USA

Title: Activating Protein phosphatase 2A as therapeutic strategy in hematological malignancies.


Asma Alfetayeh

Prince Mohammed Bin Abdelaziz Hospital,, Saudi Arabia

Title: Key Performance indicator in a Hematology Laboratory: Performance of the Notification System of Critical Value Results


Pawel Glowacki

Medical Univeristy of Lodz, Poland

Title: Molecular Switches are the way to better control CAR-T


Suellen Cristina Roussenq

Universidade do Estado de Santa Catarina, Brazil

Title: Translation and Validation into Brazilian Portuguese of MOON-TEST-Determination of Motor Skills in Pediatric Oncology (MOON-TEST


Véronique Baud

Inserm/Université de Paris, France

Title: The alternative RelB NF-?B subunit is a novel critical player in diffuse large B-cell lymphoma


Rabia Islam

Punjab Medical College, Pakistan

Title: Cirrhosis and Coagulopathy


Nautiyal Nidhi

Institute of Liver and Biliary Sciences, India

Title: Restoring bone marrow hematopoietic stem cells (BM-HSC) reserve augments regression of fibrosis and regeneration in animal model of cirrhosis


Tiffany Gan Rui Xuan

National University Hospital, Singapore

Title: The Future of Warfarin Dosing: Harnessing the Potential of CURATE.AI for Warfarin Dose Optimization